Anyone But Benny Hinn!

October 10, 2009

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Religious celebrity Benny Hinn has made the news twice as of late.

From FNC ...

Pastor Benny Hinn is being investigated by the Senate Finance Committee and was recently denied entry into the United Kingdom. The press has been bad, he says, because the media doesn’t understand him.”

If he has any shred of of legitimacy Benny Hinn should welcome the Senate investigation with open arms to clear what’s remaining of his reputation.

But it’s the matter in the UK that I find most troubling.  That is, if it was anyone besides Benny Hinn I would find it troubling.  Since he’s had such a questionable background (never mind the Senate investigation) the customs officials may have done the citizens of Great Britian a favor by denying Hinn passage into their country.

What if it was someone like (insert the name of your favorite Christian speaker or author here) John Piper or your senior pastor trying to attend a conference in London?

This may be just a paperwork snafu but it would be so much easier if the Brits grew some Margret Thatcher iron lady size grit and spell out the rules better.  They’re meant to keep out the jihadists so they should be aimed more specifically at them .

The way the rules are now a large innocent looking mega mosque might be able to find a loophole they could exploit.  That’s where the danger lies.

Leave the Christians alone.

Even if it means letting in ones like Benny Hinn.

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The Anti-Gay Tornado

October 7, 2009

Was it a warning sign from God back in August?  A tornado blew through Minneapolis when the Lutherans were trying to decide to allow their clergy to be practicing homosexuals. (Big Hat tip to Caffeinated Thoughts)

Here’s what super preacher John Piper thinks of it.  He was in Minneapolis for another conference.

All I can say is “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Thank God for His Mercy!

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