Time to Brag!

April 25, 2010

It’s always good when I have something to brag about instead of my usual whining moaning and groaning!

Last Thursday we were treated to The City Wide Chorus sponsored by The Schenectady Friends of Music.

Of course it helps that our daughter was involved in the elementary school portion of the program!

But it was also a treat to hear The Middle School Chorus and The High School Chorus because they were really really good!

Mega kudos to all the teachers and volunteers involved because they all did a fantastic job!


Hold Out Your Hand

November 22, 2009

Time now for something different!

This is my weekend music post.

Let’s rock out live in the studio with Yes band’s mega bass player and vocal arranger prog rock’s very own Chris Squire!

From his first solo album circa 1976 “Fish Out of Water” here’s “Hold Out Your Hand” and “You By My Side.”

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My Weekend Music Thread

November 14, 2009

“I Can Only Imagine” cover
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My favorite blogger Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs besides having a take no prisoners to perdition with being politically correct attitude she also has a Saturday music open thread to lighten things up.   I think a weekend music thread is a good idea.

Twice, I’ve done music posts on the soapbox before

and my other blog even has a theme song . . .

But let’s see if I can keep a weekend tradition of my own going!

For this week there’s my favorite music video of all time,

I Can Only Imagine” by the band Mercy Me

Notice everyone holding up pictures of their dear departed ones.  What joy they must be feeling right now.  “I Can Only Imagine!”

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Meat the Press!!!

October 31, 2009

This is an upload of a cassette someone did on You Tube of a Christian Rock classic by Steve Taylor from his album “Meltdown.”  The song is called “Meat the Press”.

It’s about how the MSM is  anti-Christian Right.

Keep in mind this came out 20 years ago.

It’s more true now than it was back then!


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Prayer alert 081009

August 10, 2009

Time out from the usual chatter for a prayer alert.  The Christian rock band “Mercy Me” was involved in a tragic car accident.

The link to the official account is here:


Please join me praying for all who lost loved ones.  No one in the band was hurt, physically at least, on the inside we know better.  That will take allot of time and prayer.

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