From FNC-

A needle exchange program in Puerto Rico is testing a vending machine that provides drug users with clean syringes after-hours to fight the spread of HIV and hepatitis C.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=syringe&iid=6689375″ src=”d/c/3/5/Clinic_Offers_Drive_ecb6.jpg?adImageId=7900778&imageId=6689375″ width=”234″ height=”162″ /]

Drug counseling offices that distribute syringes are open only during daylight hours.

The vending machine program targets young addicts reluctant to seek help.

Drug users can get syringes, cookers, cotton filters, gauze and sterile water to prepare drugs for injection by inserting a special card.

At least it’s for people getting drug counseling.  If they leave the program can they still get the needles?

And how long before we surrender to the drug war up here and we see the machines in LA?


In Schenectady!

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Political Schizophrenia

October 22, 2009

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If anyone ever decides to follow this blog (Hey!  I can dream can’t I?) they’ll soon discover there’s three ways I role.

1) Mega-churches Rule!  (Religion)

2) Democrats and Wimpy Republicans are evil! (Politics)

3) Schenectady NY is cursed!  (Local Topics)

Today it’s a cross between two and three.

This is about as off, as an off year election cycle can get.  It’s not just all the focus on the mid terms next year. It’s that there really is not much going on this year.

There’s a special election going on in New York‘s 23rd congressional district but I’m in the 21st.  The biggest thing we have down here is the mayor‘s race in the city of Albany.  Since I’m in Schenectady that won’t effect me.

I get to look forward to the big race for county sheriff!

(Cue the crickets)

Well actually there is something notable here.  It seems so many Democrats control this area they even have control of the so called Conservative Party.

“It’s an alliance that has “a school board feel about it,” according to one Schenectady Republican who wishes not to be identified, referring to the local Board of Education that has been so much in the news.”-Hat Tip Carl Stock Daily Gazzette

(Don’t get me started on the school board!)

Of course it helps that Judy Dagostino, the mother of Democrat Party candidate for Sheriff Dominic Dogostino, is a Schenectady County legislator, a former Republican, now a Democrat allied with the state’s Conservative Party.

Meanwhile Dominic (No Surprise here) is also a Conservative allied with the Democrats.

But it gets better!

Democrats in New York, also get piggy backed by the Working Families Party.

Which means we have the Democrat for sheriff getting the Right Wing Conservative party nod as well as the Far Left Working Families Party.

Total Political Schizophrenia!!!

And totally a good reason to add Joe Lazzari, a registered independent allied with the Republicans to my opposition section.

Now somebody please shut those crickets up!!!

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Clear and Present Danger

September 20, 2009

Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions.
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In contrast to my last post, where I celebrated the partnership between two of the world’s Abrahamic religions Christianity and Judaism, it’s time to blow the lid off of the third Abrahamic religion, Islam.

If it could be said that some good came out of 9-11-01 it’s how the world is waking up to this clear and present danger we now face.  Even now eight years later there are forces at work who want to destroy us.

“DENVER – Sources tell FOX 31 that Najibullah Zazi, 24, and his associates were planning on making a bomb to blow up a major transportation center in New York City.

The sources indicate that the group’s plan was to buy ingredients for the bomb as Zazi and his associates drove from Denver to New York and assemble the explosive device along the way.”

Islam is not just another benign religion we can place along side all the rest.  Not when you read what it says in their sacred book The Koran.

As an Evangelical Christian I understand the weight of a sacred text and the the influence it can have on a person’s life.  If I took The Koran as seriously as I take I take The Bible I would have no other choice than to be a terrorist activly involved in a jihad against all the infidels of the world.  I would be that way because The Koran tells me to.

To make matters worse I would have no way of knowing if my actions will gain enough merit to earn  entry into heaven until I die.  A Muslim must wait until their death to see their works weighed on a balance scale.  This is why they must pray five times a day “Allah have mercy on me.”  It’s because they fear everlasting punishment.

The only exception is if a believer dies in an act of Jihad.  Then they will gain instant entry into paradise.

That’s what makes their religion so highly volatile and dangerous.  As it says on “Bare Naked Islams’ ” main blog page,

“It’s not Islamaphobia if they really want to kill you.”

To be sure there are thousands of secular Muslims who pose no threat at all whatsoever.  The danger lies in the inflammatory rhetoric of The Koran itself.

There is no halfway with this book.  Once a person starts to take it seriously as the word of their God, Allah, they are instantly drafted into a Jihad against  the rest of the world.  To do otherwise is to face damnation.

Now there are some who claim The Bible is also filled with equally incendiary speech as well.  I will deal with that in my next posting.  (It was meant for Ancient Israel)

So what should we do with this clear and present danger on our shores?  First and foremost we need to stand behind all of our law enforcement personnel in their efforts to protect us.

As a Christian I will be praying for them and praying that all of those in government to either see the light or get the heck out of the way of those who do.

This is not the time to be scolding and handcuffing our FBI and CIA in the least.  To do so (Mr. President) is ludicrous and suicidal.

I’ll also be praying for those who have the chance to witness to Muslims, and letting them know how Jesus already paid their wages into heaven, so we are now free to love God and love our neighbors, as well.  (Not to try and kill them- thank you very much!)

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Poor Congressman Paul Tonko from Amsterdam! (D-NY21)  He thought he could just sit back and relax his first term in office.

Then along came those pesky town hall meetings and those darn phlab tea party protesters who had the nerve to ask questions!

Mr. Tonko thought perhaps he could get by with just a town hall by phone.

Cue the buzzer!  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzit!

Not with WGY‘s Al Roney twisting his arm every day.

No, Tonko was going to have to hold a real town hall meeting.  To make matters worse he would have to give more than 24 hours notice so people might actually show up to the thing.  Imagine that!

And show up they did!  IN DROVES!

Poor Town Hall Tonko could hardly get ten words in edgewise.  In other words he got spanked.

His predecessor never had to work that hard.  Mike McNulty was best known for being the most unknown in Congress.

{{w|Michael R. McNulty}}, member of the United...
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He did that because he could get away with it.  After all, he was a democrat in a dark blue district in the heart of ultra blue New York State!

McNulty and now Tonko’s district includes The City of Albany.  A city so democratic it’s considered to be the unofficial sixth Borough of New York City.  Even though Albany is 150 miles up the river from the rest of NYC it’s still considered to be a part of it as it is the state capitol.

In fact it might be easier to find a white man living in a remote part of China than to find a Republican living in the city of Albany NY!

(At this point I was going to say “It’s easier to find a black man in China than find a Republican in Albany,” but someone might accuse me of being a racist.  Although for the record, my wife and I spent two weeks in China and we only saw one person of color while we were there-but I digress.)

With all the publicity around the special election between Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy you might think Murphy’s district covers the entire Capital District of New York.  That would be wrong.  It only covers half of it.

The other half is Paul Tonko’s district which includes the City of Albany.  And sad to say this is the district I live in.

But don’t feel sorry for me, fellow conservatives, all is not lost.  In my lifetime I’ve seen a man walk on the moon.  I’ve seen a man from Poland become the pope.  And I’ve seen the iron curtain fall.  Who knows, Lord willing,  I just might live long enough to see a Republican win in New York’s 21st Congressional District!

Hey!  I’m a Christian!  We believe in miracles!

Besides with the way BAMA is messing things up 2010 or perhaps 2012 could be the year for miracles!  SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY!

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