Fecal Matter

October 25, 2009

I deserve hell? :-(
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When I recently listed my favorite topics to blog about, there’s one I didn’t mention. Besides, Religion, Politics, and Local Topics, there’s one more.


It’s crap!  It’s raw sewage and all the other G Rated words I use to describe pornography.  Especially the kind available on the internet.  To think that much of what’s available on the web was illegal just a few short years ago.  Come to think of it allot of it still is illegal.

Do these devils care?  No way!  They will drag your soul down to the deepest part of hell itself.  They will suck all the money from your wallet your bank accounts and put you debt so fast you won’t know what hit you.  You’ll sell your car and lose your house just to get your fix.  Porn is just like any other addiction.

So what are you waiting for good Christian brother?  Why do you still get up at at 3am to do what you got to do when no one but Jesus can see what you’re doing?


Get “Total Net Guard

If you’re in the Albany NY area CLICK HERE.


Everyone can CLICK HERE




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Worse than Kiddie Porn

September 11, 2009

Forget about the dirt bags over in Eastern Europe and Russia who found a way around existing child pornography laws. Those “Newstar” sites claim they promote the models of the future and are not pornography, this is worse.

Glenn Beck and the people over at “Big Government Dot Com discovered something far more evil  here in the USA.


It may be “Gotcha” journalism.  But it proves how President Obama’s pet group ACORN is filled with sleezeballs willing to do anything to commit fraud in the name of community action.  These people have a twisted sense of morality and justice that’s for sure!

And remember ACORN gets millions and millions of stimulus money.  It’s our tax dollars at work!

Heaven help us.

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Consider the man,  Phillip Garrido.

This is what child pornography, and no nude child modeling looks like unmasked.  It is the face of pure evil.

He’s how CNN covered the story,


An 11-year-old California girl snatched from the street in front of her house in 1991 had two children with the man accused of taking her and was forced along with the children to live in backyard sheds, police said Thursday.

“From what they have both said, he fathered both of those children with Jaycee [Dugard],” El Dorado County Undersheriff Fred Kollar told reporters.

The girls, now 11 and 15, had been living with their mother, now 29, in a series of sheds behind Phillip Garrido’s house in Antioch, California, until they were discovered on Wednesday, Kollar said.

And here’s what Claudia Cowan of FNC had to say about it . . .


To think this poor girl had her first child when she was just 14 makes my skin crawl. To think of that man delivering the babies himself makes my skin crawl. To think she and her children were kept in sheds with sound proofed walls and only opening from the outside makes my skin crawl.

So what should be done with this monster once he is found guilty by a jury?  I’d say life without parole is a good start.

Our Constitution forbids what really needs to be done but perhaps a nice firing squad is in order.  Three bullets ought to do the trick.  One between the eyes, one to the chest, and the last one RIGHT BELOW THE BELT!

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Recently up here in the Albany NY area they broke up a child pornography ring.  There were a number of arrests made with more coming.  Way to go FBI!

It reminded me of an internet article that was so disturbing I couldn’t even finish reading it. Let alone save the link to it. It’s taken me this long just to be able to write about it and not get sick.

Seems there are these dirt bags over in Eastern Europe and Russia who found a way around existing child pornography laws. These “Newstar” sites claim they promote the models of the future and are not pornography.

But according to the article judging by the outfits they are wearing and the way these children are forced to pose (I’m going to be sick) it’s clear what’s really going on. Never mind the way these sites are being promoted.

If Comcast, Time Warner and other internet providers really care about endangered children around the world then they’ll block all these “No nude” child modeling sites, along with all the other sites they’re supposedly blocking now.

(Of course I wonder what they’re really blocking if these scum are still in business in Albany)

Some may scream censorship at this point, and they have a right to say that. But they’d better watch out for the angry mob of dads and moms coming after them with pitchforks, baseball bats and shot guns.

(Forget the forks and bats!  Bring on the firearms!)

Meanwhile we all need to remember to keep on praying for at risk children all around the world.  They are the real victims of pornography.

And as difficult as it may be, we should be praying for the ones who got arrested.  After all a penitentiary is supposed to be a place where you come to repentance.

If not there’s always tying a millstone around their necks.