Schenectady-The Reality Show

January 29, 2010

Sometimes I think they ought to travel around the city of Schenectady following the police and other city officials with a camera.  It would make for an interesting reality show.

The problem is that no one would believe it.  They’d say it was way too far fetched to be reality.  Like the saying goes truth is far stranger than fiction.  How ironic.

Daily Gazette pundit Carl Strock would be the main producer for the show.  One of his latest pieces talks about a bizarre coincidence regarding two recent arrests made on the same night.

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up!

Recently Schenectady Police Officer John W. Lewis was arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.  This was Lewis’ 6th arrest in just under two years.  The fact that he’s just being suspended and not being terminated is unbelievable enough, but we’re just getting started with this tale!

It turns out the scene of this accident was at the Ellis Hospital Emergency room parking lot.  That’s where Officer Lewis was getting his drunk on!

It makes you wonder.  Was Lewis on duty while at the ER?  Was he really hitting the old sauce and no one noticed?  Or was this just another night for him drinking on the job?

But wouldn’t you just know it!  Of all the rotten luck!  Lewis goes and whacks a car in the parking lot on the way home.


Unbelievable enough for you?

But wait!

There’s more!

While John Lewis was under arrest for hitting a parked car and DWI just six blocks away there was another arrest was taking place.  Sheri Greenleaf was under arrest for driving with a suspended license and operating an unregistered vehicle.

Ms. Greenleaf just happens to be the attorney for the embattled city school district.  The same district where a member just resigned for conduct after hours.  It seems he and his wife held a wild drinking party with plenty of underage teens present.  We know this because they put the whole thing up on facebook.

And of course there’s the whole matter of having a known domestic terrorist on your pay role working for the school district as a glorified janitor.

They must be smoking crack!

There’s certainly enough to keep attorney Sheri Greenleaf busy.  So busy she even forgot to renew her license.

Sometimes real life is wilder even than the TV series NCIS

or even a reality show called


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All it Takes is one Idiot!

October 31, 2009

All it takes, is one idiot. So be on the lookout tonight. Especially if you have to drive on an interstate. Watch out for stupid kids at the overpasses.

Halloween night has a habit of bringing out The “Beavis and Butthead” in every preteen brat in rural America.

“Huh huh a-huh!”

“heh heh heh giggle!”

“That was cool!”

Thankfully the troopers and neighborhood watch will be out force tonight along the New York State Thruway.  -from Capital News Nine Albany.

“Volunteers posted at overpasses will report any suspicious activity to state police or local law enforcement. Officials say 16 volunteer organizations from 20 counties will take part.”

Nevertheless be careful tonight.

Because all it takes is one idiot.

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Children in a doorway in Jerusalem
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It’s something you can never stop telling your kids. No matter if they get tired of hearing it or not.


We’ve had three incidents of attempted child abductions in my region.

Thank God

Thank God


In all three cases the children knew exactly what to do.


In one instance the girl was able to alert enough adults to catch the guy!

As for the other two instances, since the police say they were unrelated, there are two monsters still at large.

One monster down, two to go!

Update 1

Now Fox 23 is reporting there were two attempted abductions in Philmont NY.

What is going on here!?

Update 2

According to The Daily Gazette police are looking for a brick red Taurus.

SCHENECTADY — Police are gathering a list of every red Ford Taurus in the Capital Region and creating a composite drawing to find the man who attempted to abduct a boy in Schenectady on Tuesday.

The boy was able to give such a detailed description of the car that police think it was a Taurus. He also described the man as white with balding hair, in his late 30s or early 40s. State police are turning his description into a composite drawing to aid in the search, Savoia said.


Go get em guys!!!

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A Moses For My City

October 5, 2009

Most of us know the story of how The Children of Israel were slaves in Egypt. They suffered and suffered and continued to cry out to God. At long last He sent them a leader, Moses.

My city of Schenectady could sure use a “Moses” right now.  The people in my city are slaves to an incompetent government.

We all know what’s going on at the federal level.  Things aren’t any better at the state and city levels either.  But at the school board level they’re at their worst.

Graduation levels have been just over 50%.  Last year several students committed suicide.  The police were called in several times to quell incidents of violence, during and after school hours.  One melee turned into a riot.  Then there’s the behavior of the school board members themselves.

But nothing could be as disturbing as the growing scandal over the school hiring a known terrorist and union hit man Steven Raucci.  What did the school board and the superintendent know and when did they know it?

Some were talking of the state completely taking over the school system.  That happened once in the state’s history.  Perhaps things aren’t that bad yet.

But as more stories come out about Raucci’s behavior, and as details from the latest probe are released, that may soon change.  But given New york state’s track record I’m not holding out much hope.

Some wonder why it took God so long to send Moses.  Was God waiting for Moses to be ready or was He waiting for the people to be ready?

God had to make sure the Israelites hated Egypt so much they’d be willing to do whatever it took to leave and never ever want to go back.

Are we willing to do what’s necessary to save our schools, our cities, and our county?  Maybe then God will send us the leaders we need.

-May God Bless America (and the world)

-In Jesus Name AMEN

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Friday’s Times Union has an update about Schenectady‘s own homegrown terrorist Steve Raucci.

As this story unfolds it almost reads like an episode of “Law and Order,” I keep waiting for the gavel to drop. (Dong Dong!)

Raucci is up on 26 counts of terrorism, arson, conspiracy and weapons possession.  All this while working as the head of the Schenectady School District Building Services Department as well as being the local CSEA union head.

The most chilling part of the story are the tapes submitted as evidence from wiretaps  and when Raucci was speaking to a state police informant.

He ” acknowledges being a “main suspect” in the crime and notes that a Rotterdam NY cop had been harassing a civil employee who is a member of (the) union, according to the filings. (Raucci )  goes on to explain that he “did it for a friend” and “didn’t even know the guy.” ”  (Dong Dong!)

So was Steve Raucci a hit man for the local union?  It begs the question how many people knew what was going on with this guy?  What did The Schenectady  School District (As well as those working for the city) know and when did they know it?

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