Hold a Bonfire on 9-11

September 9, 2010

Don’t burn any books on 9-11, fire up your heart instead. Hold a prayer vigil and a fast for the church in America.

Who knows where we are in God’s timetable. A couple more 9-11 types disasters add a few hurricanes and a good earthquake, bye bye USA.

I pray it never happens for the sake of our children, but what would we do? Dare we think we’re immune to such things here.

Picture riots and martial law everywhere as Washington DC burns. Imagine mobs trampling on all our sacred documents with the capital in ruins.

I love this country and I pray God will spare us once again.

But all of you who know history and who study your bible know that anything is possible.

Will we be ready as a church for what happens?


Praying for Schenectady

July 22, 2010

It’s certainly been a crazy year for those of us with children in the Schenectady School District. There are two things that keep me from totally giving up on this city altogether. One is, as a person of faith I know how prayer changes things. And two,

after seeing how much the Obama administration is train wrecking everything in sight it just goes to show our city government isn’t so bad after all.

Fecal Matter

October 25, 2009

I deserve hell? :-(
Image by elventear via Flickr

When I recently listed my favorite topics to blog about, there’s one I didn’t mention. Besides, Religion, Politics, and Local Topics, there’s one more.


It’s crap!  It’s raw sewage and all the other G Rated words I use to describe pornography.  Especially the kind available on the internet.  To think that much of what’s available on the web was illegal just a few short years ago.  Come to think of it allot of it still is illegal.

Do these devils care?  No way!  They will drag your soul down to the deepest part of hell itself.  They will suck all the money from your wallet your bank accounts and put you debt so fast you won’t know what hit you.  You’ll sell your car and lose your house just to get your fix.  Porn is just like any other addiction.

So what are you waiting for good Christian brother?  Why do you still get up at at 3am to do what you got to do when no one but Jesus can see what you’re doing?


Get “Total Net Guard

If you’re in the Albany NY area CLICK HERE.


Everyone can CLICK HERE




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Desperation? Or Pure Evil

October 13, 2009

KAMPALA, UGANDA - NOVEMBER 23:  Children wait ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

When I first heard how an orphanage in Uganda was burned down by an arsonist my first reaction was,

“This is an act of pure evil!”

But when I realized what else happened that night I began to wonder.  Because while the fire was being put out in the confusion a group of villagers came and stole a bunch of clothing.  Was this evil or a desperate chance to get clothing for their own children.

Either way the dormitory for the older girls at the Canaan Children’s home in Buziika Uganda is a total loss.  Now it will have to be rebuilt and all the beds replaced.

Just something to think about when you feel like complaining.  And while you’re at it you can watch this video.

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Wake Up America!

October 9, 2009

How much will it take before Americans wake up and understand the threat of radical Islam? There is no halfway with this religion. Their sacred book makes it that way. You’re either a secular Muslim or a radical.

The Koran demands that all non Muslims and all non conforming Muslims convert by force or be put to death. There is no middle ground here.

This is why you never hear of Muslims condemning terrorist attacks like 9-11. They would risk being killed.

So what will it take to wake America up? What about the case of young Rifqa Bary?

[picapp src=”3/9/0/f/Fathima_Rifqa_2624.JPG?adImageId=4931728&imageId=6313237″ width=”500″ height=”825″ /]

She is a teen who after converting to Christianity feared for her life from her radical Muslim family.  Rifqa fled to Florida where she was taken in by a Christian family.

Now the courts have become involved with experts on both sides stating their case with this poor young girl caught in the middle.

Now it appears as though the parents may win. The court may decide on Tuesday to return Rifqa to her family.

If this happens what will become of her? Will her death be the wake up call for America?  Or will it be just another news story thrown amongst all the others!

May it not be, Lord!  Dear God.  May the court in Florida grant custody to the Christian family.  May this case finally shed light on our sleeping nation.

-In the name of Jesus, AMEN.

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Is Schenectady Cursed?

October 6, 2009

Image via Wikipedia

Sometimes I have to wonder with all the bad news from here. If it’s not the school board it’s the police department. Or it’s the crime rate or like today, it’s the city budget.

It’s like the same mantra year after year, like a steady cycle of defeat.  They cut services down to the bone and raise taxes to the breaking point.  Just as soon as we the taxpayer get ahead, they cut services and raise taxes again.

If you’re a person of faith, who actually likes where you live and still believes in our city.  If you like the great things that are happening in the schools (My two are thriving at their magnet school) then you know it’s time to pray.

Pray for those who understand they are public servants to keep doing the right thing.  And for those blocking the way for self serving reasons that they move or get run over.

Now’s the time for Moses to part the Red Sea.  The Red Sea of debt and taxation.

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Praying For Our Troops

September 15, 2009

With much of the media focused on health care reform and the deficit sometimes it’s easy to forget our nation is still fighting two wars.

Even as we speak there are men and women putting themselves in harms way every minute of every day. We still need to keep lifting them up in our thoughts and in our prayers no matter what the media is blathering about.

It’s something we all know deep down but it never gets old bringing up time and time again.  Of course for everyone with a loved one overseas it’s something that’s always in the back of their minds.

So here’s hoping and praying that they all can come home soon safe and sound and start doing again what young couples are really good at.

-Making babies!  😉