Praying for Schenectady

July 22, 2010

It’s certainly been a crazy year for those of us with children in the Schenectady School District. There are two things that keep me from totally giving up on this city altogether. One is, as a person of faith I know how prayer changes things. And two,

after seeing how much the Obama administration is train wrecking everything in sight it just goes to show our city government isn’t so bad after all.


What Goes Around

July 1, 2010

Local Albany area terrorist and union hit man, Steven Raucci has gone to jail. And the man who may have been pulling his strings, or at least, KNEW who really was pulling his string, Schenectady school superintendent Eric Ely was able to walk away from his job and get away Scott free. In fact he received an awesome severance package from the school board after resigning.


But those of us who believe in “The Law of sin and death”, (Aka Karma) know better.  It’s a law more sure than gravity.  Or to put it another way.

What goes around comes around.

In this life or the one to follow.

I came as close as I hope to get this time around to NOT VOTING AT ALL in the latest round of the school budget fiasco.

“What’s the point?” I asked. It’s all a big joke.

Everyone knows when a budget gets shot down (For a gazillion good reasons) eventually they go to an awful contingency budget (Like they’re doing in Troy NY) that’s often the worst case scenario for voters.

What a crock of poo!!!

I decided to vote for two reasons.

1) Too many men and woman fought and died to preserve my right to vote.  So in honor of them, (As well as all of those maimed for life) no matter how ticked off I get, I’ll vote.

2)  We had a great new crop of school board members to vote in.  Perhaps the four that won, (Who were endorsed by a new citizens group) can bring a breath of fresh air to the foul stench overhanging Schenectady School politics.

But here’s the thing that burns me up.  All this lottery money being poured in everyday (Many from those that are poverty stricken) for education.


Services continue to get cut while taxes are raised.

It’s enough to make everyone want to throw their tax bills into The Mohawk River!

Time to Brag!

April 25, 2010

It’s always good when I have something to brag about instead of my usual whining moaning and groaning!

Last Thursday we were treated to The City Wide Chorus sponsored by The Schenectady Friends of Music.

Of course it helps that our daughter was involved in the elementary school portion of the program!

But it was also a treat to hear The Middle School Chorus and The High School Chorus because they were really really good!

Mega kudos to all the teachers and volunteers involved because they all did a fantastic job!

Drown The Lawyers

March 14, 2010

Remember the famous line Tom Hanks character said in the movie “Philadelphia?”

“What do you call ten lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean?”


Perhaps they were referring to the scum that’s willing to dredge up whatever defense it takes to get their client off.

Take the case against domestic terrorist and Schenectady union hit man Steve Raucci. HT CN9 YNN

What is his lawyer’s defense so far?

Yes a house was bombed but because somebody blew up the wrong house it wasn’t Raucci. It was some teenagers who were really good at demolitions.

But wait!

They weren’t really bombs!

They were firecrackers!

(Pretty good firecrackers for the damage they caused)

Is this the lawyer that gave President Bill Clinton his “I didn’t inhale,” defense?

So what do you call ten slimy lawyers drowned at the bottom of the Hudson River?

A giant step forward for New York State and Capital land!!!

It’s the trial of the century as far as the City of Schenectady is concerned. The jury selection process has begun in the case of Steve Raucci former Bulding Services Director of the Schenectady School District. He’s facing 26 charges of arson and even terrorism.

(Hat Tip Daily Gazette)

Photo of

From left, School Superintendent, Eric Ely, School District Lawyer Shari Greenleaf and former
School Board President, Jeff Janiszewski.

Today the list of witnesses was red and it’s a who’s who of people working for the school district, former and current.  The most interesting name is Superintendent Eric Ely who  according to The Daily Gazette is looking for another position anywhere in the country.  That’s not a good sign for him is it?

Capital News Nine in Albany NY had fun covering the ongoing fallout from Steve Colbert’s comments about Schenectady.

Some agreed that Schenectady is best viewed on Google maps only. However my favorite comment reminded Colbert that since television was invented here, if it weren’t for Schenectady, Colbert wouldn’t have a job!