Capital News Nine in Albany NY had fun covering the ongoing fallout from Steve Colbert’s comments about Schenectady.

Some agreed that Schenectady is best viewed on Google maps only. However my favorite comment reminded Colbert that since television was invented here, if it weren’t for Schenectady, Colbert wouldn’t have a job!

Icon for censorship
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This is way over the Top!

I’m not a prude or an over religious hypocrite.

This is America where we have free speech.  So it’s OK if people want entertainment that may be offensive to others.

Fine, I get it.

But what about family time on public airwaves where there are young children watching with no parental controls or supervision?

That’s when we’ve got to draw the line.

Last weeks American Dad episode had implied oral sex and bestiality.

At first I thought maybe the morality police types were being over sensitive.

Not this time.

This is so bad “Word Press” might flag this clip on me.

But I’m posting this here so you don’t think I’m being a prude.

To make matters worse this show is supposed to be popular among school kids, or so they say.  (NOT in MY house!)

It either belongs in the trash heap or on a network like “Adult Swim


Fair enough?

WARNING!  (It’s really nasty)

This is why every big TV network is blocked at my house.  Unless we approve it the kids can’t watch it.  If enough households do that it’s going to put a big dent in their precious sweep ratings.

OH WELL!!!!  Too bad for them!

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A Ball of Florida confusion

October 14, 2009

[picapp src=”4/1/e/d/ReligTeenConvert_09e2.JPG?adImageId=5504973&imageId=6799919″ width=”500″ height=”778″ /]

It was hard to watch O’reilly last night. The real interesting story was on the news crawler at the bottom of the screen.

That’s where Fox relegated the possible precedent setting custody case involving 17 year old Rifqa Bary. She’s the girl who feared for her life at the hands of her Muslim family after she converted to Christianity.

If all you had to go by was the tiny attention Fox gave this story, you’d think young Miss Bary was flying back to Ohio at this very moment.

Not true!

The real story here is the thread of hope the judge gave at the last minute!

Rifqa won’t be going back to Ohio until her parents can produce the proper papers proving they are in this country legally.  Up until now they’ve been dragging their feet on this even risking contempt of court charges.

But who needs FNC anyway?!  This is the 21st Century!  This is the blogging age!  We have super blogger Pamela Geller live blogging the case as best as she can, courtroom restrictions and all.

For those who still think Fox is really an arm of the Republican Party or is at the hands of a group of Christian conservative zealots, this is all the proof they need to the contrary.

Fox News is a for profit enterprise whose main agenda is to MAKE MONEY!  This is not a criticism, it’s just a fact.  Unlike the not for profit liberal enterprises like NPR, PBS and MSNBC, Fox goes with what sells.  That would be center right news coverage spiced up with some good old sexy gossip.

So even though the Rifqa Bary custody case could very well be yet another sign of the Islamization of the West.  Or worse yet it it could be the real introduction of Sharia law into the USA.  That doesn’t matter, Fox goes with what sells.

The bottom line for all people of faith is to keep on praying for Rifqa Bary and to keep on praying for America.

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September 30, 2009

Trinity Broadcasting Network
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If it weren’t for the fact that their were no 1-800 numbers on the bottom of the screen you might have thought you were watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network instead of the Fox News ChannelGlenn Beck sounded just like a TV evangelist last night.  He even had The Battle Hymn of The Republic playing in the background.

It was quite a sermon to say the least.  It seems the biggest problem we in America face is, not believing in God anymore.  We kicked Him out of our schools and out of the public square.

He’s right. I agree.  But like so many evangelists before him he knew the problem but failed to mention the solution.

OK, to be fair, all the false prophets who infest TBN claim they know the answer.  Send them all your money and THEY will solve all the world’s problems.  (With God’s help of course)  Meanwhile you will get a check in the mail for a gazillion dollars from God for helping them.  But I digress.

The answer is not with them.  But a couple folks on there might mention it. (I hope)  You may or may not hear it at your local super megaplex church.  That’s because the answer is simple.

It’s an insurgency.  If God can’t get in through the front door He can get it from the back.

The answer is you and me.  All of us who are people of faith.  The answer is “Be a witness.”

I’m a witness.

God is not dead.  This is what He did for me.

We are not God’s lawyer.  We don’t argue and bash people over the head with a bible and with Jack Chick tracts, thank you very much.

Be a witness, at work,at home,with family and even the public square.

Our kids can be a witness too.  They have no fear of rejection.  Kids tell their friends what they’re into.

One likes Pokemon, another likes baseball, another likes “High School Musical.”  And another even tells their friends about their great Sunday School.

Even if they go to a public school.  It’s an insurgency!  God came back into the schools through the back door.

One tells his friend who tells her friend who tells her mom who tells her friend . . .

The insurgency is now a quiet revolution.  Jack Chick tracts optional.

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The Prodigal Grandson

September 27, 2009

An outhouse exterior
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Call it a combination of growing up in a yellow dog Republican district and watching the Vietnam protests on TV..  But when Nixon resigned in disgrace a couple months before my eighteenth birthday, there was no way I was going to register Republican.

However, when I moved to a heavily Democratic district there was no way I could stand being one of them either.  It was like choosing between the candidate who smelled like a desert outhouse vs. the one who smelled like a manure wagon.

What my grandfather said years ago was so true.  Politicians all have one thing in common.

“They’re all crooks!”

Nevertheless he was like the rest of my family.  He was a loyal Republican.

Much to their chagrin I wanted nothing to do with it.  For most of my adult life I’ve remained an independent with no party affiliation.

However, that is about to change.  The stakes are much higher now.  I’d rather vote for a corrupt Republican who understands what we’re up against in the war against Islamic extremism, than a clean Democrat who’d rather sing Kumbaya with OBL.

So it may only be a symbolic gesture since many of the local races are decided during the democratic primary, but that’s alright.  I’m registering Republican.  We’ll save their Democratic outhouse lovin’ fannies too.

And that noise you hear coming from a cemetary in Green Valley Arizona is my grandfather exclaiming,

“It’s about time!”

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