Dear Congressman Tonko:

When you were an assemblyman you were one of the best. Whenever there was an issue facing the city of Schenectady you always took the lead and spoke out on behalf of those in need.

[picapp src=”c/9/b/3/House_Democratic_Steering_729b.jpg?adImageId=4711824&imageId=6482786″ width=”500″ height=”346″ /]

That’s the kind of Congressman we know you are too. That’s why we’re praying you’ll vote no to all this health care takeover insanity that has everyone so afraid.

Yes we need reform but this is too much too fast. Let’s start with allowing companies to sell across state lines. Or how how about keeping down insanely high hospital costs, ($100 for an Advil?) and frivolous lawsuits.

Thank you for reading this, you and your family are in our prayers.


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Americans Are Racists

October 2, 2009

Let’s just admit the truth. The far left liberal fringe media is correct. We are all racists.

That’s why we conservatives disagree with President Obama so much. It’s because we’re racist.

It has nothing to do with health care reform. And how out of nowhere a 900 page bill appeared with so much material no one could read or understand it. That wasn’t the problem.

And we were not at all concerned about our president going on a whirlwind apology tour in front of our enemies. No one cared about Obama saying we weren’t really a Christian nation. That wasn’t the problem.

[picapp src=”9/3/1/f/World_Leaders_Gather_9fc9.jpg?adImageId=4630125&imageId=4435833″ width=”500″ height=”307″ /]

No one was upset about the president wanting to undo all the protective measures installed by the Bush administration. Even though for the first time it appears they really are working.

We really didn’t care about what Obama does to the CIA.  It doesn’t matter how that looks to our enemies.  We’re racists.

If we would just wake up and pray to Obama all would be well.  Or at least let our kids sing praises to him.

You see it’s not the fact that Obama is half African American that’s the problem.  Most Americans are so upset they forget how dark his skin is.

Our president is also half white.  He’s a stuck up white smug ivy league attitude graduate with a superiority complex.  That’s what angers people.

So go ahead and call us racist.  It’s the fact our president is too much like John Kerry and Jimmy Carter.  He’s a bumbling white liberal.

An earlier Senate portrait of Kerry
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That’s the problem!

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Payback Time!

September 17, 2009

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It’s something everyone’s been feeling for a long time now. Glenn Beck put it into words on his TV show last night. The mainstream media is no longer “Mainstream,” they’re on the fringe.

CBS, ABC, NBC,PBS,NPR,CNN, MSNBC, and The New York Times have all been in the pocket of mainline democrats for the longest time.  Their ratings have sunk through the floor as Americans look to Fox and the internet for their news.

After a while this got me thinking.  It’s not just the democrats, more specifically it’s the Pelosi/Reid wing of the democratic party that’s in with the media.  They’re the one’s who got Obama elected and they’re  the one’s trying to get his agenda slammed down everyone’s throats.

If you think about it, how else could a community organizer Chicago politics thug with little experience on the national scene successfully take on the Clinton star maker machine and win the nomination unless they had the media fully behind them.

And then it wasn’t enough to defeat McCain and Palin.  They had to run Palin out of office as well.  But even that hasn’t stopped the governor.  The more they try to keep her quiet the louder she becomes.

Now it’s all coming back to haunt them.  When they tried to make town hall protesters and tea party goers look like thugs it backfired.  The people saw right through the lies.  They ignored the “Fringe” press and turned to bloggers like “Gateway Pundit” instead.

Our day of reckoning is here.  Boycott the fringe media and don’t let up on your congressmen and senators.  Let them know where you stand.

It’s payback time folks!

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A Tale of Two Town Halls

September 9, 2009

It certainly isn’t the best of times but at least it isn’t the worst either.

This is not a tale of two cities. It’s a tale of two congressional districts, near Albany New York,  and how Town Halls are run in each of them.

First we have Paul Tonko. (D-NY-21) He preferred to hide during the summer recess and only would do a Town Hall when forced out by the media kicking and screaming.

Then there’s his neighbor to the north Scott Murphy,(D-NY20) who toured his district like a rock star. He even did two town halls on labor day.

Why do these two men take such an opposite strategy when doing their required Town Hall Meetings? I suspect it has more to do with Democrats pulling the strings in Washington than their personalities. After all Paul Tonko can afford to hide in his deep blue “yellow dog” Democratic District. But Scott Murphy may face a very hard rematch in 2010 against Republican challenger Jim Tedisco. So he pounds the pavement during the summer while Tonko can afford to hide.

To make matters worse The Times Union is fawning at Scott Murphy’s every move.

Murphy, D-Glens Falls, said he’d never seen so many signs. His calm demeanor helped keep the crowd from disintegrating into a shouting match. A few couldn’t keep their emotions in check and disrupted Murphy’s analysis of a House bill, H.R. 3200, which attempts to address the problem of more than 40 million uninsured Americans while holding the line on escalating health care costs.

Murphy voiced support for additional options for health insurance. He said he favors a “value-based pricing” model of health care delivery rather than the current “transaction model” that forces physicians to rush patients through an assembly-line system to boost reimbursements. He spoke like the former venture capitalist and small business owner he is.

Oh please, spare us. Perhaps the best thing about this tale is, now that Congress will be back in session, it’s finally over.

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Wednesday  Aug 26, 2009

Last night’s Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform with Congressman Paul Tonko in Delmar was all the buzz on the morning talk shows.

Someone who spoke last night called “Daybreak with Steve and Jackie” on WROW.

He said CODE PINK was there last night accosting everyone who spoke out against the Obama Health plan the second they stepped off the podium.

CODE PINK!  Why are these people backing BAMA’s  plan on health care?  Haven’t they realized he lied to them all back when he promised all the peaceniks he’d end the war?  If Obama was lying back then, what makes them believe he’s telling the truth now about his health plan?

What the flaming fruitcake people!

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Congressman steps up

August 13, 2009

Well here it is.  I’m going to give credit where it’s due.  My congressman finally held a town hall meeting.

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The above link will take you to a report about a health care town hall meeting held in a rural upstate town just east of Albany NY.

Some said there wouldn’t be any town halls in New York.  Well, here’s one at least.

Looks like a typical meeting like all the others in the country.  Megadittos to all who tried to give Congressman Murphy a set of brains.

Now lets see if my congressman will step up to the plate.

How about it Mr. Tonko?

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