They Blew Up the Bridge!

December 30, 2009

The infamous North Country bridge across Lake Champlain was demolished on Monday. NYDOT closed the bridge in mid October for safety reasons. Monday’s demolition was the first big step toward rebuilding a new one.

Here are two videos of the actual demolition from You Tube. The first one is from a pro news team, the second is raw amateur footage. I included this for their recording of the actual detonation. You can’t see much because of the weather but you get an idea of how the 130 db explosion went off.

Now the real fun begins, cleaning up all the debris from the explosion.

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It’s always a pleasure to share some good news when there’s progress on a story I’ve been following. At long last the powers that be have pulled their heads out of the sand to do something significant regarding the closure of the Champlain bridge.

For a while it just seemed like everything was going downhill fast.  They said they were going to fix the old bridge.  Then it turned out those repairs would only be good for five years.  So they decided they’d have to replace the old bridge at a cost of 67 million and take two years to do it.  (Sorry no stimulus package for you) – from CS9

But now things are looking up on two fronts.  One, there’s going to be a new ferry service right near where the closed bridge is.  Construction of a new access road to the ferry dock will begin ASAP.

And front number two : Farms and businesses affected by the closure of the Lake Champlain Bridge will now be able to receive assistance from the state.

At Last!  Good News For the North Country!

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First off we want to send lots of prayers and kind thoughts to everyone in and around the Fort Hood area in Texas.  This is something that a lot of people will never fully recover from.

As always I watch all breaking news on Fox.  They are the least prone to giving into sensationalism or being too melodramatic as the big three have a tendency to do.

But Thursday night’s O’Reilly Factor was exceptional for other reasons too.  It wasn’t just the professional way Bill O and team Fox covered a breaking news story it was everything else they had on the program as well.

The big stand out for me was a story from my neighboring state of Vermont.  It was about a judicial system that treats sex offenders as patients rather than criminals.

Here’s a link to the clip from The O’Reilly Factor.

This story goes deeper than what meets the eye.  I know at times we conservatives beat the same drum allot.  But as more evidence mounts we’re forced to make the same conclusions.

The Godless Liberal establishment is evil.

They treat child rapists as if they are merely misguided as if molestation is more about consensual sex than about what it really is ; a wicked and cruel act.  I’d almost think that NAMBLA is behind the scenes pulling the judge’s and the local media’s strings.

It’s bad enough Liberals are cruel to preborn infants by allowing abortion on demand.  But now they want to allow consensual sex with minors.

To make matters worse what kind of people will this light sentencing trend attract to Vermont.  It’s like this.  Homeless people go to California, because they’re well treated in San Francisco.  Gun lovers go to Texas because of their right to carry law.   And now with judges like this,  sex offenders will want to live in Vermont.

So now there is no way that I’m ever going to want to visit Vermont with my family.  Not when it’s becoming the haven for perverts and child molesters!


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FLAMES! From My Eyeballs!!!

October 29, 2009

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This is just too much!

When they had to close The Lake Champlain Bridge, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It seems everyone was thinking the same question.

Why weren’t stimulus funds used for this project?”

Here’s the official answer from the NYDOT website,

“The bi-state bridge project to rehab/replace is a major core highway project that does not fit the federal criteria for economic recovery funds. Emergency funds to repair and re-open the existing bridge will be made available by the state.”


What’s more impacting on the economy than forcing people to make almost a 90 mile detour?





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