I came as close as I hope to get this time around to NOT VOTING AT ALL in the latest round of the school budget fiasco.

“What’s the point?” I asked. It’s all a big joke.

Everyone knows when a budget gets shot down (For a gazillion good reasons) eventually they go to an awful contingency budget (Like they’re doing in Troy NY) that’s often the worst case scenario for voters.

What a crock of poo!!!

I decided to vote for two reasons.

1) Too many men and woman fought and died to preserve my right to vote.  So in honor of them, (As well as all of those maimed for life) no matter how ticked off I get, I’ll vote.

2)  We had a great new crop of school board members to vote in.  Perhaps the four that won, (Who were endorsed by a new citizens group) can bring a breath of fresh air to the foul stench overhanging Schenectady School politics.

But here’s the thing that burns me up.  All this lottery money being poured in everyday (Many from those that are poverty stricken) for education.


Services continue to get cut while taxes are raised.

It’s enough to make everyone want to throw their tax bills into The Mohawk River!